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Why to join RK’s Growing Community

Thank you for visiting our website and thinking about joining Radiation Knowledge (RK) global community.

RK started end of 2015, it is simply a global quality improvement initiative in the field of radiation medicine. We started in radiation therapy field, and started with organizing global planning competitions to improve the planning skills of planners in the world.

RK connects radiation therapy professionals in the world under one platform. This allows them to exchange the best practical knowledge among them, which improves the quality of plans they produce to cancer patients in their countries.

So, if you would like to develop your planning skills and get some answers for your clinical questions, RK is the right place .. Let’s get started.

Benefits Section New

See how RadiationKnowledge can Benefit



With our valuable data collected and global outreach, RK can work with research groups to establish scientific collaboration.

Radiotherapy Professionals

Radiotherapy Professionals

We provide you with a global platform to learn more and develop your skills, this will reflect on the quality of plans you generate for cancer patients in your country.

Trainers and Trainees

Trainers and Trainees

Our educational activities will open the floor for trainees to learn and to learn from trainers.



Dear patient, our goal is to reach ALL planners in the world and share the best practice with them, this way you can be sure that you will get best possible plan quality for your treatment.



Our global community reached 4500 planners from more than 100 countries. RK can be the channel through which vendors can reach communicate with their users.

Competition Live Webinars Section

Knowledge Sharing Sessions – Live Webinars

The primary aim of Radiation knowledge is to ensure the best quality radiation treatments for patients worldwide. The Radiotherapy Plan competition promotes improved quality of patient care globally by sharing and defining the best practices among healthcare professionals. Participants and the top planners of the competition can interact via the “Knowledge Sharing for Better Quality” Webinars to discuss the clinical problems and the relevant strategies. This sharing of practical knowledge helps in devising high-quality treatment plans.

Why RadiationKnowledge Section

Why RadiationKnowledge

Radiation knowledge has a patient-centered approach. We thrive and strive to develop the best global practices for cancer patients. Radiation therapy competitions are the largest of its kind. Radiation knowledge and its competitions aim to assess the quality of patient management, compare the different treatment strategies worldwide, set gold standards, and devise best practices, without any charges, just to enable practitioners or planners to improve the quality of services.

No Language Barrier

Our content will be translated to many languages; language won’t be a barrier for planners to develop their skills and be able to provide patients with best clinical services.

Improved Patient Treatment Plans

Planners joining our community will be connected with experts and learn the best strategies to generate plans for cancer patient.

Learn & Progress At No Cost

If you are a passionate planner, join us and enjoy the company of best planners in the world, no need to pay, we may pay you for your skills .. Show us your talent.


We announce the competition dates on our website. You can register through our website once the date for the competition is available. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process. For any queries please contact us.

There are absolutely no charges. We strive to achieve improved patient care free of charge. It is a free knowledge investment.

Radiation therapy competitions are held online. These remote competitions allow participants from across the globe.

Radiation Knowledge provides open access to all cases of previous plan competitions. Interested planners can access the videos on the RK Youtube Channel to polish their skills by implementing the plans, strategies, and the guidelines of the top planners.

Success Stories

The testimonials from across the world have strengthened our belief in our motive. Here is a brief reflection of our success